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Totally Packaged Solutions;

Characteristically the players in entertainment simulation have emerged either form flight simulation and related industries or from the film and creative services sector. Uncharacteristically Funworld Entertainment has its roots in both and that makes it ideally placed to deliver the delicate balance that goes into complete simulation attraction.

In the creative arena Funworld Entertainment maintains one of the world's biggest ride film libraries with over 140 titles covering a broad range of entertainment and educational subject matter.

Within these categories there are most of the acclaimed ride films of the past decade as well as a large number of new titles from up and coming producers around the world. And the library is constantly expanding. Every year new titles are added either from independent companies or produced within Funworld itself. In fact its ability to commission and produce bespoke ride films, such as "Spacewalk 2004" and the "Water Cycle", is a positive differentiator of the company. What's more, Funworld is dedicated to this aspect of the business as evidenced by its broadcast standard video studio and its commitment to add at least ten new ride films annually to the library. This same dedication exists in attraction design and theming, where full integration of exterior design, pre-show, ticketing, show effects and post show are major considerations. Here Funworld's in-house team combines with a number of specialist designers to evolve and define appropriate solutions.

Creative design however is irrelevant if it cannot be implemented and that's where Funworld's engineering and product development teams come into play.

With many years of experience and a deep knowledge of the relevant technologies, all Funworld Entertainment proposals are a pragmatic balance of creativity and practically, innovation and cost. Where 'off the shelf' solutions don't exist, Funworld engineers will develop them, and where there are physical barriers, for example floor loadings, they'll work round the clock to overcome them.

Obsessive? ... maybe, but above all it demonstrates a unique approach and commitment to meeting clients' needs now and in the future.