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Product Range Summary:
Morphis ESP:
8-seat; 3 dof electric motion; MPEG 2 digital video 2D/3D; integrated stairs and surround; mobile trailerised option
16 seat; 3 dof hydraulic motion; DVD digital video 2D; stairs, surround and portable base options; indoor/outdoor use
 20-seat; 3 dof hydraulic motion; MPEG 2 digital video 2D/3D/4D; stairs, surround and portable base options; indoor/outdoor use
 Mobile Morphis:
 Fully integrated trailer with on-board diesel generator, air conditioning and hydraulic power unit. Street legal worldwide with separate designs for North American and European road regulations






Product Range Summary:
Motion Theatres
4D Effects Theatres:
Cylindrical or flat screen; multi seats with drop and vibration; aroma; lighting; 3D vision and surround sund. Packaged or bespoke solutions including 'content' productions
7 seats with seatbelts and sensors; 6 dof electric or hydraulic motion; 2D/3D visuals, surround sound plus 4D effects
 T10 - T20 - T30:
10-30 seats individual/bench on one base; 3 dof or 6 dof electric or hydraulic motion base; 2D/3D visuals
 Bespoke Solutions:
Themed capsules; complete range of electric motion bases 2 dof through 6 dof; various hydraulic bases

Six to Twenty seats;

The result of extensive market research and 'ground-up' development, these simulators are designed to capture the imagination and deliver strong 'point of sale' appeal at a very broad range of entertainment and educational venues.

From the 6/8-seat Morphis ESP to the 16-seat VXL and the 20-seat Morphis, all combine very high levels of styling and ergonomic design with fully digital audio/visual reproduction to produce a stunningly realistic virtual world.

But the beauty is more than skin deep. State-of-the-art technology has been applied in motion system hardware and computer control, for instance, to ensure outstanding levels of safety and reliability throughout an extended product lifecycle.

But that's not all. With a ride film library of over 140 titles and a broad variation in size, specification and price, the perfect solution can be configured for every type of venue … from shopping malls to museums; from visitor attractions to family entertainment centres.

And, extending the possibilities even further, Morphis is also available as a fully self-contained trailerised unit, which combines massive 'billboard' impact with high on-site attraction.

Units like this have been applied with huge success in field marketing campaigns on behalf of major brands as diverse as Coca Cola, the US Navy and Sony PlayStation.

But if all that sounds impressive, it's really just the beginning. The brand new Morphis 3D/4D increases realism even further with 3D vision and a host of sensory effects designed to extend the public's interest and increase operating revenues for years to come.


2D/3D/4D Motion Theatres;

Electronic 3D vision has come of age and is now affordable and reliable while a vast range of effects, from mist to aroma, all combined to maximize the sensory experience.

Of course the sensory cue at its heart remains motion. And delivering motion cues, comfortably, accurately and reliably to audiences ranging from 7 to 100 plus, is the core expertise of Funworld Entertainment.

Configured around two standard product grouping, Stargazer and T-series, Funworld can engineer motion theatres to meet most needs and to fit most venues. Outside these parameters however, via its product solutions engineering, Funworld can design and implement bespoke motion systems, seating platforms and show control to match virtually any concept.

A case in point is the company's latest product offering which combines very large format imagery, projected digitally in 3D onto a 180* curved screen, with 20-100 moving seat platform and a whole range of optional sensory cues and effects. The first such installation will be at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum in the United States where this state-or-the-art technology will deliver a ten minute experience created in high resolution computer graphics by Stormfront Digital Pictures.

Thinking outside the box and developing exciting yet practical multi-media attractions is what Funworld Entertainment's is all about and is probably why, in recent times, we've installed more motion and effects theatres than anyone else at locations as far apart as North America, China, Europe and the Middle East.

The fact alone is perhaps the greatest advertisement for Funworld Entertainment products, technology and expertise in what is a complex, multifaceted market.